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Introduction to blogging

Last one year or so, I had been reading up online about blogging and I wondered what it is like to be a blogger, more so, what it takes to be one.

Do people do it for money?? (may be some),
Do they do it for fame?? (may be few)

The answer I got after reading up hundreds of blogs was that though it might get you money or fame but may be the most important reason for blogging is to share!!!

Share our views, our opinions, our feelings.

We now live in a world which is full of technology, different kinds, some are considered a curse and some boon. My personal opinion is that these products of technology have probably disconnected us in the real world, but they have connected us to millions in the virtual world.

Blogging, seems to me is a wonderful platform for people who get busy in the race of surviving, to go out and open their heart and mind to millions of people out there and receive appreciation mostly(criticism at times) on their thoughts.

So here I am, writing my first blog without the fear of being judged. And hopefully I now have a whole lot of audience to show my viewpoint to.