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Man and hunger


My grandmother once told me that the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach.

Such statements don’t really make sense when you are a teenager living life on the edge. But 6 years after being out of the ‘do what you want to’ years and 4 years after being married, it all makes sense.

I used to cook edible food before I got married but after marriage it struck me that being edible is not enough, the food has to force your man to take a minute to relish the love and efforts you have put into it.

Being married to a very picky eater (and our daughter inherits that from him), has taught me the patience I lacked before, while cooking. Though I cook rarely, but now i make sure that I am patient with how the food is made. No matter how long it takes to get it perfect and though my man will not say it out loud, the satisfaction on his face says it all.

So that’s how I made my way to yatharths heart. And to keep the gates open, I pay the toll once in a while and make sure my entry isn’t banned.