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The Idiot Box

Our world is booming with new gadgets and inventions everyday. And as parents we want to give our kids the best stuff. But do we know where to draw the line??

Have you ever wondered the habits you inculcate in your child today will continue through their lives and reflect their foundation once they grow up??

Let’s focus only on the meal times today.

I have a three year old toddler who loves her Ipad and her TV shows. I want her to be aware about the gadgets around her but at the same time I don’t want her to be dependent on them all the time.

If your child refuses to eat without watching TV, you have something to worry about. Though I don’t oppose watching TV or exploring the features of the tablets, I don’t support relying on it for meals either and to some extent parents are also to be blamed for it. You have to know when to pull the plug. LITERALLY!!

A healthier habit would be to show them another option of a family meal time and sticking to it ourselves because what they see is what they learn.

Studies show that kids who are dependent on gadgets for their meals have smaller appetite as compared to kids who stick to the family meal times.

So the next time your child wants to see his favorite cartoon while you feed them, show him how much fun it is to sit as a family, share your thoughts and bond over meals. I know it’s easier said than done but being persistent is the key. Old habits die hard, remember?? Don’t always give into their demands to be on their good side. Your job as a parent is not to be on their good side but to get them on the right path even if it puts you in the bad light temporarily. Your kids will thank you later. So you can thank me then 🙂