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A Wife And A Mother

As the days turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, I look back at the beautiful journey I have had with my life partner and my little girl over the past four years.

The excitement reached the peak when I anxiously waited for 19 hours for a new life to join me and after the pain and the wait and the screaming, came out a tiny little baby covered in white wax with eyes wide open, looking around and wondering ‘where the hell am I’. No, she didn’t cry at all in fact it looked like she was well aware of the ongoings.

She was wrapped and put in my arms and just then I wondered how can people call childbirth a natural thing?? It’s not natural, not at all.. It’s completely MAGICAL!!!

Its pure magic how a life grows inside us and how after being born it becomes an extension of us. It’s like carrying a part of us outside our body. So when Arshia was given to me, the whole dynamics changed.

Thereafter, everything I did, every decision I took was keeping her in mind.

Now comes the part which most moms will not agree with. Though I love her to bits, my feelings for my husband haven’t changed a bit like I was told by a lot of moms around.

I was told that once we are mothers, wives take a backseat. Which hasn’t really been the case with me. How do I subside being a wife, when that’s what made me a mother?? So for me the order starts with my husband and both of us together will nurture our daughter. If I wasn’t his wife, I wouldn’t have been Arshia’s mother and I owe it to him. He is the man who gave me the opportunity to experience this magic. These are two people my life revolves around.

And like we have succeeded for almost 4 years as a couple and 3 years as parents, we will play these roles for eternity and our daughter will grow up seeing her parents in love and give the same love to people around her all her life.