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Be Like A Diamond

When we love someone, we expect to be loved in return
When we respect people, we expect the same from them.

But it’s not always possible to get what you give. Many a times relationships become monotonous and we start taking each other for granted.

When I was a kid, I used to get very offended if my friends treated me badly or didn’t give me the importance I was expecting. So my mom once sat me down and asked me to be like a diamond. I looked at her face and laughed. And she said it again. I thought may be I was missing a word and then she elaborated it for me.

Now I will explain the same here.

How important is water for us. I can confidently say extremely important. But what is its value.
Very less. Why??
Because it’s easily available.

Now how important is a diamond??
Well it’s good to flaunt one but can’t be categorised as a need.
What is its value??
In millions. Why??
Because it’s rare. It’s not easily accessible.

It was elaborated so beautifully that it became a life long lesson for me.

So like Rihanna very rightly sang – shine bright like a diamond.