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Mothers – human beings with superpowers

Before I was blessed as a mother, I didn’t completely understand the meaning of the word ” MULTITASKING”.
It sounded just like any other word in the English dictionary.

Coming from a background in aviation, customer service, my job required me put meaning to this word every single day, which I managed to do pretty well, I am sure some of my colleagues agree. But the essence of the word was missing.

Cut to January 2012, when I was blessed with my dearest angel (that’s her pet name, cliché I know). It was only when the hardships of being a mother knocked at my door that I realized the true meaning of MULTITASKING.

Multitasking is not about slogging your rear to meet targets and hoping to be appreciated for it and taking home a big fat salary. It’s about having sleepless nights to feed a newborn, to see him/her turn into a wonderful person and get just a warm hug in return.

After all its only a mother who can feed, cook and eat at the same time. It’s she who can clean up and play with her toddler at the same time, it’s she who can laugh and cry at the same time. It’s she who can do laundry and play candy crush at the same time (on a lighter note).

Now when I look back at my glorious flying days, they seem to look little less shiny in front of my days and nights with my baby girl. Somehow I was reading the meaning of multitasking all wrong. It wasn’t about meeting targets on flights, it was about finishing work in time to tell a story to my girl.

Just like it took me a while to master it at work, it’s taken a few trial and errors to master it at my new role also. And I am still learning.