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Sorting my baggage for 2015

As the year comes to an end, I sit and look back to sort out what I am going to leave in this year and what I will take with me to 2015…

On the top of the list stand the memories of the beautiful journey with Arshia, new milestones like her first drawing, her first day at school and many more that I cannot describe in a few words.

What I would leave behind is her prolonged sickness, her sleepless nights, the sight when she left my hand at the school gate and both of us cried.

Next, I want to take along is the growth in my relationship with Yatharth. The encouragement I get from him.  The strength of our love and the good decisions we took together, leaving behind my mood swings, his food tantrums(this might not leave me ever), etc etc

I want to take with me the lessons I have learned the hard way, the advice I got from people around me, the faith shown in me by my loved ones.

Also important for me is to take my values, my upbringing with me to make my family proud.

I take a minute here to thank my loved ones, my critics, my family, my friends, people who inspire me, people who pull me back for making me wiser and mature enough to make a path for myself in the brand new year that’s welcoming me with open arms.