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Toddlers and nose bleeds


I remember when I was a kid, I used to get nose bleeds very often and I was taught to put ice on the head, look upwards and lie down. I had had these nose bleeds so many times that it looked like a very small deal to me. Then once I turned 12, it never really happened after that.

Today I have an almost three year old over active baby girl who has been having nose bleeds since she was 1.5.
It all started the day Arshia caught cold and I gave her the usual medicine that her doctor had prescribed. The next day during her usual play time she rubbed her nose and WHAT!!! a stream of blood ran down her nose.

Well you can’t blame me, I am a first time mom.
So the first thought in my head was to tilt her head upwards, which I did, but a toddler being a toddler refused to oblige. After 15 mins of convincing, controlling, crying, we managed to get the situation under control. The next thing was obviously to visit the doctor.

I was explained by the doctor in laymen language that when kids get stuffy nose and when the mucous loosens it scrapes the inside of the nose and hence the bleeding.

Now, after a year and half of handling this situation at least twice a month, at times for a week at a stretch, Arshia and I have come to an understanding about how to handle these situations.

While somewhere deep down I still panic everytime her nose bleeds, I see my baby girl being strong and very confident while telling me that she doesn’t want to lie down because of it, instead she wants to take a hand towel with her and handle it herself.

The reason behind writing this right now is because we had another nose bleed just ten minutes back and I wanted to let fellow mommies know that they aren’t the only ones facing it.