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Prepping up for the D-Day

When I say D-day, I mean the delivery day.
A lot of first time moms are confused about what to take along when you pack for your big day.
When I was expecting for the first time, I had no clue about things to be taken. Thankfully for me I had my mom in law around who had the opportunity to pack twice for herself. So I thought of being generous and gave her another opportunity đŸ˜‰

I was due in end of January, hubby was traveling for work and our angel decided to knock at our door two weeks early. I was still getting through the nesting phase so didn’t really get to the packing part.

From what I remember, these are the things I had in the bag and I am adding a few more for everyone’s reference.

Medical records
Cotton roll
Change of clothes (2-3 preferably)
Baby’s clothes
Sanitary pads
Baby blanket
Lip balm
Phone charger
Feeding pillow
Massage oil
Feeding bottle (you may or may not require this)

Apart from this, pack lots of patience and excitement. You are on a journey to meet the person you have been nurturing inside you and talking to for 9 months.