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Happy New Year

Another fresh year has arrived and I am sitting and thinking what is it that we want when we step into a brand new year?

I want to make more and more memories with my daughter. I want to lose weight. I want to love my husband even more. I want to strengthen the relations around me. I want to be more positive. I want to… I want to…. I want to….

All of these sound like new year resolutions. Don’t they??

Now look at it this way. Why would I want a particular date to remind me that I need to work on all of the above?

I can make memories with my daughter every day, I can start losing weight anytime I want, I can love my husband now and forever, I can strengthen the relations around me starting now, I can be positive every moment.

It’s not necessary to wait for a change of date on the calendar to reach our goals. Look around you. There are millions of people and things to push you to get there.

Start your year with a decision that you will not wait till the start of another year to achieve your goals.