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Open Letter

So off late I have been hearing so many men giving me grief about being a homemaker. Why?? Because I am JUST a homemaker.

An open letter for them –

Let me explain this to you in the language that you understand. I am not JUST a homemaker. This is my job which pays me more than you can ever dream of.
I started working here as a wife and a daughter in law. My remuneration was love, care, happiness and appreciation.

Then I got promoted and became a mother. I got extra assignments after that and worked overtime everyday. My salary doubled in terms of love and happiness.

Then I got promoted to a sister in law. This promotion also got me a bonus in love and care.

Throughout my tenure with this company I had additional perks in the form of my nieces, my nephews, my extended family, my brother in law and my co-sisters.

So, going back to being JUST a homemaker, I also have added portfolios of being a friend, a nurse, a cook, a guide, a confidante, a teacher that earn me a lot of incentives. I have no fears of being fired or laid off. In fact, I don’t even have to worry about my appraisals and increments because they are automatically transferred to my account.

So while you sit behind your boring desk, doing your daily nine to five job with only one profile to focus on, I try and master different job profiles every day from the back office. I also make sure that my little colleagues grow up to be someone not at all like you and be more thankful to the back office staff like me.

Not having high profile clients and back to back meetings like you do does not make me less efficient.
I am not JUST a homemaker.
So next time you see me, you know who’s the BOSS.