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A long journey together…

So I haven’t written for a while because I was extremely occupied with the wedding season and of course my little turning three.

Now as she’s three years young, I realize the long journey we have covered together. From coos to words, from nappies to bloomers, from teats to sippers and the list goes on.

I won’t say it’s been easy but both of us have supported each other to get here. She’s been very supportive in terms of letting me know in the middle of the night that she’s colicky. 🙂

As a first time mom, I have panicked A LOT!!! But now I realize that it’s part and parcel of growing up with your child. I have spent endless hours harassing Mr. in the middle of the night. I have gone crazy over her meal and nap times and I still do because I want to set a strong foundation for her.

As she grows a little more, she will be even more independent. No, it doesn’t mean she won’t need me. I will always be there when she does but at the same time I wouldn’t want to make her dependent on me for everything just to satiate my insecurities. She’s an extension of me and will always remain so no matter where she lives, what job she takes, who she marries.

So while I enjoy bringing her up, my responsibility as a mother is to teach her how to be strong yet loving, bold yet caring, independent yet attached.