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The haunting illness…

As the clock struck 2 a.m., I was woken up by some noise on the street and I took that opportunity to wish my little girl in her sleep for completing three years of a roller coaster ride with me.
The moment I touched my lips to her cheeks, I figured that she had very high fever. She had gone to sleep very well but after a while the horror had started. I checked her temperature and it showed 103 degrees on the thermometer, I obviously panicked a little, I woke her up and gave her the regular medicine that the doctor had prescribed anytime the temperature hit a century on the scale.

She was obviously irritated with the sudden break in her sleep but I thought of cheering her up by singing Happy Birthday to her and I did. To my surprise my little champion, oblivious to the fact that she was burning with fever gave me such a broad smile and told me that I had promised I would take her out after singing Happy Birthday to her.

The difficulty was to make her understand that the promise was for 8 o’clock and not 2. I talked her into sleeping again and tried to doze off myself thinking how this sudden illness will spoil her birthday.

In the morning she woke up a little later than her usual timing, thanks to the medicine and the fever was up again. It didn’t take long to establish that she had viral fever that would haunt us for the next few days.

Since she was excited about her birthday party, we decided not to cancel it and go ahead with it. And am I glad we did!! Even high fever couldn’t dampen her spirits and I was so glad that she could celebrate her birthday with her family and friends. It took a lot of persuasion to finally get her to sleep at 12.30 a.m.

The night passed and next morning, her doting father, my loving husband had also caught the bug. So now I had two sick and cranky babies to deal with. Great!!! Couldn’t get worse than this.

Over the next couple of days, papa’s fever shot up and baby developed chest congestion. Not surprisingly, baby was more cooperative than papa.

So a lot of visits to the doctor, a whole bunch of medicines, a lot of cries, few sleepless nights and incredible loss of appetite later, we were on the road to recovery.

It was tormenting to see a healthy and cheerful girl, cuddled up with me for loads of TLC and reassurance and it was exhausting to replenish the stock of TLC considering papa needed it more than the baby.

Finally after 10 days of agony, I see both my babies happy and healthy and it’s a huge relief for me. I have accepted that these are a few speed bumps in the sparkling and wonderful journey of being a wife and a mother and with time I have learned the art of slowing down at the bumps, carefully crossing it and moving on to my destination.