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Friendship woes

It’s been long I wrote anything but an incident that happened today literally forced me to pen down my views.

So my 3 year old daughter is good friends with another girl from our society who must be around 5 years or so. They play together almost every other evening.

This one particular evening last week when they were playing together, the girls decided that they want to jump in the baby pool with their regular clothes on. I found out about this plan after they had jumped.. I didn’t say anything at that point because they were thoroughly enjoying their master plan and I wanted to let them experience it and discuss it later.

After around 10 minutes, the mother of the other girl came fuming and started yelling at her daughter, she passed me but never bothered exchanging pleasantries. She pulled her daughter out of the pool and dragged her home, yelling at her throughout. My daughter saw this and was probably expecting the same kind of treatment but that never happened. We had sat her down at home and explained to her as to why she cannot do that and she agreed with us.

After that, this incident never came in our mind until today when my daughter met the same girl in the evening and the girl informed her that her mother has forbidden her from talking to my daughter after that incident. When I got to know about this, it took me 15 minutes to figure out what to do about it.

Talking to the lady wouldn’t be appropriate as its her daughter, so she calls the shots. So I decided to have a word with my daughter. I asked her if she remembered the incident and she did. So I informed her that because of that incident, her friend has been given a punishment by her mother that she cannot talk to any of her friends. So if we don’t want to get her friend in trouble we will have to listen to her mother.

So after a couple of more questions and answers, I was able to make my daughter understand this but what I felt was how difficult is it for people to just let kids enjoy and not react so harshly on these petty things. If they don’t do it now, when will they?

By punishing her like this she has squashed her desire to try doing anything in future. She will always be fearful before trying anything new. It’s very disappointing how parents deal with such situations in a juvenile manner.