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Not in the ‘morning’ sickness

Our first trimester best friend doesn’t stay true to its name. MORNING SICKNESS can strike at any time of the day. It affects almost 65% of pregnant women. 

Some of us have found relief with medication and some with specific foods or scents. 

With my first pregnancy, I had lost 5 kgs. in the first trimester due to nausea and loss of appetite. I am glad this time it was just 2kgs. 

During my experience in the last three months, I have managed to make a list of things that made it better and worse. 

Let’s start with making it better. 

1. I noticed having toast with minimum amount of butter really helped. 

2. Limiting the portion of my meals. 

3. Eating exactly every two hours. 

4. I loved the smell of hajmola (yes I sound like an idiot, but I have videos to prove it) 

5. Finishing dinner by 7, and then a light snack if hungry later. 

6. I wasn’t particularly comfortable having rotis, so for me any meal I had would have rice. 

7. Sniffing my mum in laws moisturiser. 

8. Having boiled eggs for evening snacks. 

Now lets focus on our enemies. 

1. We Indians love to see oil swimming on top of our curries, for me just the sight of it was enough to trigger a throwing up marathon. 

2. Smell of seafood, cooked or not

3. I particularly started hating anything that was sweet or left a sweet after taste (my trainer was so happy). 

4. Damn the recipe tutorials on facebook, made me throw up quite a number of times. 

Well, like it’s said, it gets better and it surely did. I have gradually started falling back into my routine and I write this while enjoying a two course meal and watching my favorite show. 


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