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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair 

Since we announced the upcoming arrival in our family, I have had a lot of conversations with friends and family about what I think the gender of the child would be, some conversations were the same I had six years back when I was expecting for the first time and some very new and amusing. 

I had one such conversation recently that that made me think – Have we made any progress as a society when it comes to treating both genders equally??

I met a decent, well behaved guy through common friends at a social outing and he was genuinely curious about what I was feeling and whether I was scared about the delivery or not. During our conversation I told him I have a daughter who is five years old and is pretty excited about the coming baby. 

While I was telling him how my daughter has been praying for a baby sister and wants to name her “ELSA”, this person looked quite surprised that I was ok with my daughter thinking this way. 

The next statement that he made was – “This time you should have a boy, so that your daughter will have a brother to protect her.”

I was definitely shocked but what surprised me more was that this guy was very well mannered and educated and this statement came out very naturally from him. 

Being the self proclaimed feminist that I am, I couldn’t stop myself from telling him that whoever has met my daughter till now, very well knows that she definitely doesn’t need anyone to protect her. I am going to be more concerned about the person she will be facing. I have had situations where she’s got into a fight and the boy on the other side has gone home crying (yes, I am proud of that.. SUE ME!!) 

I am definitely not the kind to pity the princess locked in the tower waiting for her Prince Charming to come and rescue her. Be realistic, Lady, grow your brain atleast 1/10th the length of your hair and climb out. 

But jokes apart, where does this thinking come from? 

Do we actually believe that if I have a son, he will pop out holding a sword to protect his 6 year old sister?

As a mother, I would love my children to always have each other’s back but will I teach my daughter to rely on a man everytime she needs help?? Will I tell her to waste away her precious years talking to frogs, just to wait for a man to rescue her??  

I don’t think I need to answer that… 


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