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We have heard these three words endless times and we try everything possible to achieve this goal. 

But where does the work actually start?? 

It started the moment that strip turned pink. 

Yes, along with eating carefully, taking your supplements on time and routine visits to your doctor, this is something that requires equal attention. 

Since I promised to continue this blog based on personal experiences, this is how we went about doing it. 

‘A’ was 5 when we decided to extend our family and since it was an informed decision, my job was to work on making her comfortable with the idea of having someone younger than her in the house since it’s been her solo territory for the last five years, which, to be honest wasn’t difficult as she was more than happy to have a sibling. 

Once we received the big news, we decided not to share it with her till the first trimester was over as a precaution and also because telling her meant it would have been broadcasted all over and we wanted to keep it quite for the first three months. 

I used those three months to make her understand that I can’t pick her up or be as active with her as I used to be. I also started making her more independent in terms of her own chores so that she doesn’t feel left out after the delivery. She was supposed to help me with small tasks and also take care of her own things. 

We mutually decided to let her dad take over a few things that I used to do with her so that she doesn’t feel ignored in the months to come if for some reason I can’t be available. 

Once it was time to break the news to her, we decided to do it visually rather than verbally, so I took her with me for my scan and once the baby was on the screen, I told her she was going to be a big sister… Her reaction was something that all of us had expected but seeing it happen was really exciting for me too and as expected, it wasn’t long before everyone around us was aware of the “My mumma has a baby in her tummy” news. 

Since then her day starts with greeting good morning to the baby and it ends with good night kisses to the baby. 

I make sure I involve her in each and everything when it comes to the baby and explain why it’s being done since we have a super curious generation ahead of us. 

In her excitement, she has already decided to name the baby “ELSA”, if it’s a girl and “ALEXANDER”, if it’s a boy. (God help that baby if she doesn’t change her mind) 

What works best for me is that at 5 years, she is more of a helping hand for me and keeping her involved makes her feel more responsible and will strengthen her bond with her sibling even more. 

Together we decide and make lists of what we need to buy and which of her stuff will she be willing to share with the baby. Yes, she did refuse to share her chota bheem bedsheet!! She has also taken charge of the baby’s nap time and diaper change (the latter might not happen when she sees the real thing) 

I am hoping to have this positive streak continue or else I might lose more hair than I already have during these 4 months. 


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