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When they start school… 

Most of you started reading this to find out what happens once the big change starts and your toddler turns into a pre-schooler.. Whether it’s an easy transition or a tough one. Will they settle fast or bring the house (in this case – school) down. 

Let me answer that for you.


This post isn’t about child troubles while starting a new school. It’s about MY troubles.

‘A’ started nursery at 2.10 years when her school timings were 9.30 am – 12.15 pm. Hubby leaving for work late, mornings meant I could hug my pillow till atleast 8 am.

Last two years we followed the same routine with ‘A’ going to bed by 8 pm for 12 hours and since hubby worked till late we used to sleep by midnight most days.

Cut to yesterday when she moved to Sr. Kg. in another school. All of us were so excited about it, we made so many plans before going to sleep.

Horror struck when my alarm rang at 6.30 am, my first thought being – why the ffff did I set an alarm so early..!!! After becoming a little oriented a few seconds later, it struck me why.

I gathered my thoughts and my broken sleep, staggered out of the bed promising to be back soon and started the daily routine for school.

I have never ever been an early riser except when I was flying and had to report for early morning flights. My mother is a witness to how I managed to clear school by barely making it on time everyday.

I call up my mother who is an early riser, on my way back, to crib about how it’s a torture to get up so early and she says, 

“I am so happy your daughter doesn’t have a problem getting up early and is making you do what I couldn’t make you do all those years.”

And that’s how life comes full circle.. 


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