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Plan is to plan the unexpected

Exactly a month back at 6 pm, I had no clue my life would change completely in the coming 12 hours.

I was 34 weeks along and what started as braxton hicks in the evening soon turned into full on contractions. We rushed to the hospital at 1 am and were informed that I will have to be admitted to stop the labour pains. After 5 hours and non stop monitoring, I was informed that I will be having an emergency cesarean due to fetal distress.


That was not part of the plan. I had everything planned. Being through labour the first time, I was totally unprepared. This time I even had my playlist organised.


Within an hour I was being wheeled into the operation theatre and within the next half hour I delivered a baby girl who had to be taken away to the NICU due to being premature. I literally got 10 seconds to bond with her and let it sink in. Luckily for me, the whole process was lightened by the presence of my gyneac and anesthetist who happen to be close friends as well as my brother in law (doctor too) who kept giving live updates on how I was being cut and sewn back. After being through a normal delivery the first time around, the aftercare for a cesarean was definitely a nightmare. Now I sit and wonder how some moms love to opt for a cesarean birth. 

What followed in the coming days is a story for another time. 

What I learnt in those 12 hours was to suck it up and be prepared for what’s being thrown at you or in this case – thrown out of you.


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