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Molestation as per convenience?? It’s not OK!! 

For the last couple of days, every news channel, media outlet, newspaper has been focusing on the incident that happened with a 17 year old girl onboard an aircraft. Read here
For those of you who have been lucky to escape this news, here it goes – A 17 year old who belongs to the film industry has accused a Co passenger of molesting her in business class while she was travelling with her mother.
The reason why I am writing this now and not immediately after the news broke is because I wanted to wait and watch how it folds out and then form an opinion (yes, I have the right to have an opinion) since it is a very sensitive subject and I would have most likely been accused of victim shaming.
I am not trying to defend the accused here, but did we stop and think for a moment that this could be a case of lack of flying etiquettes. We have all atleast once been in a situation where we have had to remind a Co passenger that they have paid for the seat and not the entire aircraft. While we have all heard about such cases on almost a daily basis in buses and trains, cases of molestation in flights are very rare.
It also brings me to question, why this incident was not brought to the attention of the airline security after landing or the airport police for that matter? Why the mother who was accompanying the girl didn’t step in and teach the accused a lesson?? If it was me travelling with my daughter and she was treated like its described, I would have literally beheaded the pervert instead of saying ‘It’s OK’ or simply taking pictures. Was social media used for making an announcement to gain publicity??
It was reported by the crew that the said passenger had requested not to be woken up during the flight and was asleep. The duo (daughter and mother) claim that the crew is lying. Then comes the statement from another Co passenger claiming that the accused was asleep through the flight and he had put his feet up on the window side which accidentally touched the victim. She immediately called him out on that, he in turn apologised to her and she said ‘IT’S OK’. Apparently this passenger is lying too. 
Let me announce here what exactly is not OK. 
It’s not OK to use the word ‘MOLESTATION’ so loosely. 
It’s not OK to take undue advantage of being a female. 
It’s not OK to use social media to garner attention. 
It’s not OK to criminalise someone purely because you don’t understand the deeper meaning of the word ‘MOLESTATION’. 
It’s not OK to accuse every person of lying just to prove your point. 
It’s not OK to not understand the consequences of your action. 
Lastly, it’s DEFINITELY NOT OK to make false allegations and undermine the struggle and the torture the real victims go through. 
We live in a country where we hear about rapes and molestation everyday and we see how the victims have to go through years of struggle to get justice, which in some cases is denied too. 
For someone to use it as a motive to gain popularity and social media likes is downright cheap and inhumane. This is media being used as a puppet for personal benefit.
For those of you who will blame me for not knowing what it’s like, know this, I have spent four years of my life inside that aircraft and seen it all. 

2 thoughts on “Molestation as per convenience?? It’s not OK!! ”

  1. I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking that certain words have been used to loosely without thinking the consequences. It’s hard to know what to believe these days. Sometimes it’s word against word only but then people are biased toward one side. Same when we talk about who stays with a kid in case of divorce. Mum it’s not always the right answer. Thanks for sharing this

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