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Time to start solids?? Read this first…

What will I feed?? When will I feed?? How much will I feed??

Dont we all think of these questions when we think about starting semi solids with our babies??

I did!! Repeatedly!!

This time I wanted to use my experience from my first daughter to make the transition easier for the younger one and for me.

I also know that every child is different and the way they adapt will also be different. However, there are certain things you can do that will make things easier for you and your little one.

  1. Wait for the right time – We are all eager to see our babies reach this milestone, but introduce your baby to purees only after consulting with the doctor. Most babies are ready for food once they turn 6 months.
  2. Choose wisely – Once you get a nod from the doctor, don’t rush into it with high expectations and too many choices. Start with one fruit or vegetable and stick to that for a couple of days to rule out allergies.
  3. Time it right – Introducing food right when your baby is hungry is never a good idea. Start with the food atleast an hour after your baby has had the milk. This way they will not be cranky due to hunger and they would have digested some of the milk to make space for the food.
  4. Make them comfortable – Your baby is used to suckling. So when you introduce food through a spoon, you are introducing them to a new milestone. Some babies may get accustomed right away while others may show discomfort. If your baby is uncomfortable, stop the feeding and try again the following day.
  5. Set the mood – Try keeping your baby’s favourite toys or rattles around them when you start the meal times. Singing their favourite nursery rhyme or song whole you feed them may also help them stay calm during the process. We can never get tired of singing twinkle twinkle or baa baa black sheep, can we??
  6. Getting the quantity right – This one is tricky. Usually a baby starting food will only eat a couple of spoons during the first few meal times. Some might have more. This is where that mommy antenna inside you comes into picture. Read your baby’s signs. If they are content after 3 spoons, let them be. If they want more, give them a few more spoonfuls. Let your baby guide you on this one.
  7. Be patient – It might take ten minutes or it might take half an hour. Understand that your baby is entering an alien space and the last thing they need is you getting flustered about how or why they are not cooperating. Give them time and let them pick up at their own pace. Your baby can sense your discomfort and pushing them will start the journey on a sour note.
  8. Go celebrate now – You have achieved one more medal from the many more that are in store for you in the coming years. Give yourself a pat on your back, put your feet up and pour yourself that glass of wine. YOU DESERVE IT!!

BONUS TIP : When I saw my daughter getting fussy before every meal time, I gave her a long piece of cold carrot to nibble on right before the meal. Of course, with the doctors permission. This was a way of letting her know that food is coming next and it really worked wonders for us.

I would love to know if any of these tips worked for you. If you have any more tricks up your sleeve, do share them with me and I will try them too.


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