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I will always be a ‘NEW MUM’

I set off on this crazy ride of Motherhood 7 years and 4 months back when the line turned pink.

When I delivered brat no. One, I was known as a ‘New Mum‘. As she grew, the title changed to a ‘First Time Mum‘ (FTM). She kept growing up and the titles kept changing till I was pregnant again and then I was called a ‘Second Time Mum‘.

But, this time when I delivered, no one called me a new mum.

I was new to having a second baby.

I was new to handling two kids together.

I was new to the feeling of losing my hair with their tantrums (whatever was left of it anyways)

Don’t we all have a new moment, feeling, or experience everyday while dealing with these little specimens we created?

Then why am I not a new mum throughout my journey?

Let me share a few incidents that lit this bulb inside my head –

  1. Brat no. One – comes hysterically because she couldn’t find her turtle in the tank for 15 mins, only for me to go and find it on the tree that was INSIDE THE TANK.
  2. Brat no. Two – happily plays with her sisters doll (awww moment) then goes and hits her on the head with it. ITS THE END OF THE WORLD FOR ME!!
  3. Brat no. One – randomly comes and tells me that she wants to ask me a question. My antennas go up. She innocently asks – Mumma, when will I have babies? ANTENNAS DESTROYED!!
  4. Brat no. Two – continues her obsession of collecting all the coasters in the house and arranges them on the floor (proud moment). Then slyly picks up two of them runs to the window and throws them out. TIME TO PRACTICE SPRINTS.

Yes, you can laugh all you want..

All of the above are just a few examples of what transpires in our daily lives. I can very confidently say that almost all my fellow soldiers have similar experiences day in and day out. Which makes me realise, that all my life, I have been and I will be a NEW MUM.

It is very rightly said that every child grows differently, then let’s acknowledge that so does every mother. We learn as we grow as mothers.

Each time my daughters will transition from school to college to jobs to marriage, each and every experience that I will have will be different from the previous one. It will most certainly be different with every child.

We come with an understanding that as our child grows, we master the art of parenting. But who decides the best way of parenting and what is right or wrong?

Who decides whether your perception of parenting is better or mine?

We all take a few pages from someone’s diary, add few of our own and write our own book.

So from now on, before you retire to bed every night, give yourself a pat on the back for being such a great NEW MUM.


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