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Your GO-TO guide to be vacation ready

Your child's vacation date is nearing. You have your travel plan ready. Infact, you might have already made the bookings. You are all set to jet off. But are you really.?? Looking back, travelling has been a very important aspect of my journey. From travelling day in and day out to new places for work… Continue reading Your GO-TO guide to be vacation ready

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I am a MOM but… What have I left behind??

When you have the most adorable and loving kids and a dedicated husband, everybody thinks you have it all. But do we really?? Judge me all you want, but there are things that were once a part of me and now they aren't and I have no shame accepting that I miss them. It was… Continue reading I am a MOM but… What have I left behind??

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Farewell 2015

After taking a break from blogging for 7 months, I decided to pen down my thoughts from this year before we bring in another one. This year has shown me a lot of ups and downs and literally transformed me into a whole new person. The year brought with it a bundle of happiness which… Continue reading Farewell 2015