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Your GO-TO guide to be vacation ready

Your child's vacation date is nearing. You have your travel plan ready. Infact, you might have already made the bookings. You are all set to jet off. But are you really.?? Looking back, travelling has been a very important aspect of my journey. From travelling day in and day out to new places for work… Continue reading Your GO-TO guide to be vacation ready

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When they start school… 

Most of you started reading this to find out what happens once the big change starts and your toddler turns into a pre-schooler.. Whether it's an easy transition or a tough one. Will they settle fast or bring the house (in this case - school) down.  Let me answer that for you.  NOOOOOOO!!! This post… Continue reading When they start school… 

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Mothers – human beings with superpowers

Before I was blessed as a mother, I didn't completely understand the meaning of the word '' MULTITASKING''. It sounded just like any other word in the English dictionary. Coming from a background in aviation, customer service, my job required me put meaning to this word every single day, which I managed to do pretty… Continue reading Mothers – human beings with superpowers